The 1st International Conference on Animal Research for Eco-Friendly Livestock Industry

“Cutting Edge Technology for Sustainable Livestock Industry”
The Conference Held by Department of Animal Science, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, Indonesia
Virtual Meeting, 23 November 2021

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The pandemic of COVID-19 impacts almost all sectors. However, food is absolutely a basic need and cannot be cut off under circumstances. Creativity in technologies is needed to coopt fast with various changes such as IoT, remote technology, and supply chain management through distances. Technological development is growing, and increasing significance to those involved in livestock production and food systems. It is undoubtedly that frontier technologies and sciences hold significant promise. Nevertheless, it may also contain some risks i.e., responsibility for a sustainable environment and costs. Environment effect from animal industry such as greenhouse gas emissions, overuse of land and water, energy-consuming tools, and excess of antibiotic/feed additive contamination need to be carefully considered for future livestock production.

The ICARELI 2021 aimed to discuss recent growing technology and the impact for animal production that may relate together policymakers, engineers, social-economic accessors, farmers, and academia.


The scope of our seminar include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Mitigation of Livestock Emission
  2. Animal Waste Management and Bioenergy
  3. Energy Saving on Livestock Production
  4. Animal Biodiversity, Ecology, and Conservation
  5. Eco-friendly Animal Feed Resources, Nutrition, Forage and Pasture
  6. Eco-friendly Animal Products Processing and Technology
  7. Sustainable Animal Production System 
  8. Organic Farming
  9. Animal Health and Welfare
  10. Food Safety and Security of Animal Resources
  11. Smart Farming for Animal Research and Livestock Industry
  12. Socio-Economic Studies on Sustainable Animal Farming

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ir. Nasrullah, M.Sc.*

*Directorate General of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia (in confirmation)

Prof. Masato Yayota

Gifu University, Japan

Topic "Eco-friendly Animal Feed Resources"

Prof. Siti Nur Hidayati

Middle Tennessee State University, USA

Topic "Impact of Climate Change to Tropical Biodiversity"

Prof. Heekwon Ahn

Chungnam National University, South Korea

Topic "Mitigation of Livestock Emission"

Prof. Carlos Hermosilla

Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany

Topic "Environmental Effect on Host-Parasite Interaction"

Prof. Sutrisno Hadi Purnomo

Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia

Topic "Crops-livestock Integration for Zero-Waste Farming"


Selected papers* are possible to be published in the following scientific media:

  1. Malaysian Applied Biology which is indexed by scopus Q4 (Agreement has been finalized for minimum 25 slot of papers).
  2. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science indexed by Scopus and WoS (Agreement has been finalized for minimum 100 slot of papers).
  3. Livestock and Animal Research which is national accredited journal Sinta 2 (Agreement has been finalized for minimum 12 slot of papers).

*The publication process will follow the publisher’s procedure. We encourage all presenters to follow the writing format and meet the requirements. Please check the website regularly for updated information. The ICARELI committee will process your article properly and therefore it can be published in expected time.



Important Dates

First call for paper submission
1 September 2021
Deadline for abstract submission
30 September 2021
15 October 2021
23 October 2021
Deadline for full paper submission
30 October 2021
Deadline for uploading to Morressier (For IOP publication)
16 November 2021
Conference day
23 November 2021
Publication processing
December 2021

Conference fee

Participant As Non Presenter :  150,000 IDR
Foreign presenter :  50 USD
Local presenter :  300,000 IDR

Account number 1380019140941
Account name Endang Tri Rahayu

This event is supported by:

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